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RAISE goes online and helps Raise the Spirits of our great nation #RAISINGSpirits
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RAISE goes online and helps Raise the Spirits of our great nation #RAISINGSpirits

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, the Arts Council’s RAISE programme, delivered by OKC Consulting has now gone online using conferencing and webinar tools and facilities as well as Tele/Video conferencing solutions. In addition, the RAISE programme is working with arts organisations to reach their supporters, clients, audiences and donors through creating innovative online communications and virtual working strategies. Recognising that this is not a good time to fundraise, but that it is a very good time to Friendraise and be a friend to all your organisations stakeholders, the RAISE programme is also assisting arts organisations to “Flip the script”  and become a Friendraiser. So as against asking what your stakeholders can do for you, arts organisations are being asked to work on and focus on what they can do for their stakeholders. And in doing so, use the opportunity to help Raise the Spirits of all their stakeholders and make them feel good. So with the amazing depth and breadth of artistic and creative skills to share, arts organisations are being encouraged and trained to find ways of connecting and sharing what they have in the new online, live streaming environment as well as simple phone/video calls that everyone is embracing. Arts organisations are being asked to adopt the mindset of “what can I do for you”, showcase their art to their stakeholders and beyond and help bring joy and hope into as many lives as possible by raising their spirits - #RAISINGSpirits.

You can view the Top 10 Things Arts Organisations Can Do for their Stakeholders during the Covid-19 Crisis on the Arts Council website

Martin O’Sullivan

Deputy Director, Arts Council