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Welcome to our August Newsletter
News this month
Information Clinic on Authored Works and Reel Art 2018
Annual Laureate for Irish Fiction lecture – The Lives of the Saints
New sources of funding under Project 2040, the government’s capital development scheme.
EXIT 15 artist commissions
Launch of the next phase of the RAISE Private Investment Capacity Building programme.
News from the community
Vacancy: Arts and Culture Programme Assistant Manager
Applications open for GROW 2018 with Baboró International Arts Festival for Children
Creative Ireland and Department of Education announce ‘Creative Youth Partnerships’
Vacancy: Glór Operations Manager
Creative Europe Desk
Congratulations to the 17 Irish organisations selected for Creative Europe Co-operation Funding in 2018!
Welcome to our August Newsletter

I would like to start the month by offering congratulations to 17 Irish arts organisations who will share more than €1 million in European Union funding this year.


Here is the background to this good news: As part of its work in the area of international arts, the Arts Council is proud to host the Culture Office of the Creative Europe Desk in Ireland. Its role is to facilitate participation in the Creative Europe Culture sub-programme by providing practical information, advice and technical assistance and support to those applying for funding under the EU Creative Europe Culture sub-programme 2014–2020.


The most recent round of Creative Europe Co-operation Projects makes 2018 the most successful year yet for Ireland. The 17 successful organisations will work on projects in collaboration with European partners, and together they will support the transnational mobility of artists and creative works, while developing audiences and building capacity in the arts and culture sector. You can read more about it here.


At a broader, policy level, the Arts Council recognises the value of international practice in the arts. We facilitate international practice through direct supports to artists, and foster it through grant funding to organisations whose work has an international dimension.


In the months ahead, Arts Council-funded organisations such as Pan Pan theatre and Literature Ireland will present or showcase the work of Irish artists in cities such as Edinburgh and Frankfurt, showing just how effective our approach has been.


We will be publishing our new international policy in October of this year and this will outline our plans in the area of international arts over the next three years.



Best wishes,


Orlaith McBride