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In the Open / Faoin Spéir October programme

WhistleBlast Quartet launched the first In The Open | Faoin Spéir concerts in September at Dublin City Council Civic Office Amphitheatre Wood Quay, Finglas Church and Axis Ballymun as part of Dublin City Council outdoor events. Their fun filled short concerts with music from James Bond to Prokofiev continues in October. All events are FREE but you need to book your tickets to ensure a place. This programme is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council Arts Office.


Dublin City Parks

Whistleblast upcoming events listing

08 October - Harold’s Cross Park, Dublin 6, 3pm and 4pm

10 October - Chancery Park, Dublin 8, 2pm and 3pm

27 October - St. Audeon’s Park, Dublin 8, 3pm and 4pm

29 October - Blessington Street Basin, Dublin 7, 3pm and 4pm


To Book through eventbrite please click here


In the first of Clonmel’s four In The Open | Faoin Spéir projects, The Hunchback of Notre Dame will bring spectacle and drama back to the town in an outdoor Irish theatrical premiere of the musical by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Godspell).

Clonmel Junction Arts Festival produces this community musical and Jack Reardon directs with set and costume design by Jack Scullion. Professional, creative production teams join forces with over 100 local performers to celebrate theatrical creativity with audiences in an outdoor setting at the parade grounds of Kickham Barracks in the heart of Clonmel.

Booking from 1st October at www.junctionfestival.com

Further info at intheopenclonmel@gmail.com




Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival 2021


Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality are delighted to announce a number of events taking place in the grounds of Rathfarnham Castle Park during Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival 2021, as part of In The Open | Faoin Spéir, funded by the Arts Council. The full festival programme can be found here


Gathering on the Pond

A dazzling storytelling performance suitable for families that is fun, magical, and sparking:

Saturday 23 October, 1pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/gathering-on-the-pond-12/

Saturday 23 October, 3pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/gathering-on-the-pond-11/

Sunday 24 October, 1pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/gathering-on-the-pond-13/ 

Sunday 24 October, 3pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/gathering-on-the-pond-14/



Walk in the Park: The Artist Speaks

Walk in the Park: The Artist Speaks is a promenade performance created for The Art of W/Rights, a literary carnival of arts and rights taking place in Rathfarnham Dublin, as part of In the Open |Faoin Spéir funded by The Arts Council. 

Friday 22 October, 2.30pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/walk-in-the-park-with-an-artist/

Saturday 23 October, 11am https://smashingtimes.ie/event/walk-in-the-park-with-an-artist-2021-10-22/

Saturday 23 October, 4pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/walk-in-the-park-with-an-artist-4/

Sunday 24 October, 11am https://smashingtimes.ie/event/walk-in-the-park-with-an-artist-3/


Walk in the Park: People Who Inspire

People Who Inspire is an intimate portrayal bringing to life stories of people who inspire us.  Enjoy a walk-about performance, and chat, promenade style, in the grounds of Rathfarnham Castle Park.  Join artists and guest speakers to share stories and insights into a world of care and compassion. 

People Who Inspire celebrates the lives of ‘forgotten heroes’, sharing stories of men and women from history and today who stood up for the rights of others. The public will be invited to interact and respond to these stories, with questions, comments, and maybe even a tale of their own! Walk in the Park: People Who Inspire is also funded by Creative Ireland South Dublin Programme.


Friday 22 October, 3.30pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/walk-in-the-park-with-an-artist-2/

Saturday 23 October, 12pm, https://smashingtimes.ie/event/walk-in-the-park-with-an-artist-8/

Sunday 24 October, 12pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/walk-in-the-park-people-who-inspire/

Sunday 24 October, 4pm https://smashingtimes.ie/event/walk-in-the-park-with-an-artist-10/

For more information please click here


More information on all In the Open | Faoin Spéir programmes can be found here:


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