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Art’s Council Collection

The Arts Council is delighted to announce that it has added 22 new works to its Collection which will be seen by audiences across the country in coming years. The artists whose work has now been added to the Collection are Rhona Byrne, Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty, Avril Corroon, Vivienne Dick, Sandra Johnston, Richard Ashrowan, Alastair MacLennan, Hina Khan, Vicky Langan and Maximillan Le Cain, Maria McKinney, Yuri Pattison, Alan Phelan, Sven Sandberg.

These art works will be added to the over 1,100 works of modern and contemporary Irish art in the Collection and mark the latest additions to the Council’s long history of purchasing excellent and ambitious works of art that reflects the practise of artists working in Ireland today.

Comprising works across painting, sculpture, photography, video, multimedia installation and painting, the new purchases are drawn from across the spectrum of contemporary visual arts practice and will be accessible to public audiences throughout the country as part of the Arts Council Collection’s ongoing programme of exhibitions, loans and projects.

List of works acquired:

Rhona Byrne, White noise cap # 2 and White Noise cap # 3 from Huddlewear, 2017

Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty, Flicker, 2016

Avril Corroon, Spoiled Spores, 2019

Vivienne Dick, Red Moon Rising, 2015

Red Moon Rising (Still 001), 2015                                                                                                  

Sandra Johnston, Overprint & Short Strand, 2019/2000

Explain, 2019

Sandra Johnston/ Richard Ashrowan, That Apart, 2019

Folding In, 2019

Sandra Johnston/ Alastair MacLennan, Let Liminal Loose, 2014 

Hina Khan, Ruined Garden, 2015

Shattered Soul, 2016                                                               

Vicky Langan & Maximillan Le Cain, Inside, 2017

Maria McKinney, Health/Toxin, Cahirmee Gino (GZA), Health/Toxin, 2016

Reproduction/Chromosome, Templemichael Zebo (FR2279), Reproduction/Chromosome, 2016

Yuri Pattison, dust scraper fan 4.2 (context collapse archive 05.18), 2018                           

Alan Phelan  Juan van der Hammen 1627, when the last aurochs died, 2019

Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1580, when Drake was second to circumnavigate, 2019

Constance Spry 1957, when post-war austerity was ruined by The Treaty of Rome, 2019

Sven Sandberg, Mozart's daughters (l'Orangerie), 2019

The Collector, 2019