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Welcome to the August edition of our Newsletter
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Welcome to the August edition of our Newsletter

Given the wisdom of her thoughts and the elegance of her language, it’s not surprising that Barack Obama is one of very many people who regularly turns to the great American writer Marilynne Robinson for guidance.  In an interview from several years ago, she recounted that a teacher had told her:  “You build your mind, so make it into something you want to live with”.  Robinson believes that nobody has ever said anything more valuable to her.

This current situation sees us all reaching into our own wells of strength and resilience and willing good states of mind for ourselves and for all about us. We are acutely aware of the many complex challenges facing people, individuals and organisations both.  Our stabilization fund is designed to help stem losses occasioned by Covid 19 and we encourage you to consider applying for it.  It’s a new fund, and of course, we’ll be happy to answer any queries that you’ll have about it.  A reminder that the deadline is next Thursday, August 13th.   

Also new is the Capacity Building Support Scheme, details of which have just been announced.  As well as support for digital programmes and business planning, this scheme can also assist with mental wellbeing proposals. We’ll be delighted too to receive applications that address organisations’ ambitions to become more diverse and inclusive. It will have a rolling deadline until the end of November.  As each day seems to tilt from uncertainty to uncertainty, we intend to provide as much reassurance and support as we can right now.  A full list of all upcoming schemes and deadlines is attached below. 

At the beginning of June, as part of our advisory group report, we commissioned Behaviour & Attitudes to determine public attitudes to attending live events.  We’ll present an online presentation and Q&A on the results of this research this coming Friday (August 7th) at 10am. Join up details are here and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  We’ll conduct more research in the coming months and will continue to keep you updated. 

I know that many people are beginning phased re-openings and presenting hybrid versions of programmes.  We salute all the brilliant work that you are doing and we acknowledge the overwhelmingly dignified sense of grace and generosity that is apparent in the community. 


We hope that you and your families stay safe and well. 


Maureen Kennelly



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Capacity Building Support Scheme

Rolling until 19 Nov

Professional Development Award

Rolling until 19 Nov

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